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CV Hadi Yagubizade


H. Yagubizade obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in mechanical engineering from Urmia University in Iran. During his M.Sc. studies he worked on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), focussing on fluid-structure interaction in microsystems. Beginning 2009, he started pursuing his Ph.D. in the field of high-frequency RF-MEMS at the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente and became familiar with solid-acoustics for signal processing applications. He researched various kinds of acoustic devices based on Lamb waves. During his Ph.D. period he studied and fabricated piezoelectric based Lamb-wave devices mainly for RF-MEMS resonators and filter application. In this research, he presented some new ideas for better performance at less insertion loss with minimum possible parasitic capacitance, which usually high-dielectric based piezoelectric materials (e.g. PZT) are suffering from. Recently, he has presented a new concept for a band-pass filter in RF-MEMS, leading to higher-order filters using discrete RF-MEMS resonators at ultra-high frequencies. At the moment, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the same institute. His research interests cover Lamb-wave acoustic devices at high-frequencies above 100 MHz up to 1 GHz, pursuing opportunities in integration with other physical domains such as microfluidics, providing new approaches in high-frequency acoustic sensing and actuation.