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CV Emmanuel Delamarche

Emmanuel Delamarche, IBM Research - Zurich

Short biography

Dr. Delamarche is currently leading activities on Experimental Biosciences at IBM Research - Zurich with the goal of developing expertise in microtechnology, surface chemistry and biochemistry for solving important problems in biology and medicine. His current research deals with the fast and sensitive detection of multiple markers for various diseases, the advanced staining of tissue sections for pathology, and cell-to-cell interactions within the context of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. His expertise covers self-assembly, soft lithography, miniaturized biological assays based on microfluidics, and nanotechnology in general. Dr. Delamarche sometimes acts as a research expert for IBM internal task forces, consulting engagements, and frequently as an expert for major governmental research programs.

Dr. Delamarche received a degree in chemistry in 1992 from the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse in France. He received a Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1995 from the University of Zurich, for work done at IBM Research - Zurich, where he became a Research Staff Member in 1998. Dr. Delamarche has co-authored 100+ publications, several book chapters, reviews and over 50 patents. Dr. Delamarche is one of the most cited scientists in the fields of self-assembly and microfluidics. He has received 17 awards from IBM for his work and inventions, has been named “Master Inventor” in 2003 by IBM, and received the Werner prize of the Swiss Chemical Society in 2006.