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CV Elif Karatay

Elif Karatay (1984) received her Bachelor (2007) and MSc. (2009) degrees in Chemical Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. The topic of her MSc. thesis covered natural gas purification using zeolite filled polymer composite mixed matrix membranes. She subsequently started her PhD studies in University of Twente (2009). Her PhD research at Soft matter, Fluidics and Interfaces (SFI) group includes microfluidic studies of interfacial transport. Mass and momentum transport near highly attractive surfaces are exploited during the current PhD research. These attractive surfaces include: (i) hydrophobic, hybrid surfaces consisting of periodic gas-liquid interfaces, and (ii) ion selective charged boundaries like micro/nano-channel intersections and ion exchange membranes. She is finalizing her PhD studies this year (2013).