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Abstract Vanmaekelbergh

Nanocrystal self-assembly: a bottom up approach to 2-D semiconductors with electrical non-trivial properties

W. H. Evers, M. Dijkstra, C. Delerue*, E. Kalesaki* and D. Vanmaekelbergh

Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, University of Utrecht

IEMN-ISEN and University of Lille

The emergence of graphene as an unconventional, physically interesting and possibly useful material has raised general interest in the properties of electrons confined in a hexagonal or honeycomb lattice of other materials, whether of atomic or nanoscale nature. In that respect, robust semiconductor lattices that have a honeycomb lattice with a translational period in the nanometer range and low effective carrier mass would be of large interest; first of all these systems keep their semiconductor properties but obtain valence and conduction bands with massless Dirac fermions; second, they open the possibility to combine this with the degrees of freedom from the atomic lattice, e.g. a strong spin-orbit coupling.

In this lecture, it will first be shown that 2-D semiconductor superlattices that are atomically coherent and at the same time have a nanoscale periodicity (square and honeycomb) can be prepared by nanocrystal self-assembly. Second, I will present the results of atomistic tight-binding calculations of the electronic band structure of these materials (see figure). It was found that honeycomb superlattices lead to two separated Dirac-type conduction bands, with in some cases a non-trivial band-opening at the K-point. Third, I will present the first results of scanning tunnelling experiments and transport measurements for CdSe honeycomb semiconductors.



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3 Kalesaki, E., Allan, G., Vanmaekelbergh, D. & Delerue, C. Electronic structure of atomically-coherent square semiconductor superlattices with dimensionality below two. PRB, submitted (2013).