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Abstract Albert Polman

Light management for ultrahigh-efficiency solar cells

Albert Polman

Center for Nanophotonics, FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam

Despite more than 50 years of research in photovoltaics, a complete understanding of the optimum flow of light in an ideal solar cell is still lacking. I will describe new nanostructured solar cell architectures for enhanced light trapping and concentration. The new designs can be made using modern large-area, thin-film and nanoimprint techniques. The presentation will focus on strategies to achieve inexpensive (thin-film) solar cells with efficiencies in the 15-30% range, as well as the steps required to raise the efficiency to 40% and beyond.


- Plasmonics for improved photovoltaic devices, H.A. Atwater and A. Polman, Nature Mater. 9, 205 (2010)

- Photonic design principles for ultrahigh-efficiency photovoltaics, A. Polman and H.A. Atwater, Nature Mater. 11, 174 (2012)