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Abstract Diana Grishina

3 Steps to 3D nanostructures

Ultimate control of light propagation cab be achieved by intricate 3D nanostructures where the dimensions of the smallest features are on the order of the optical wavelengths. In this talk will be presented a novel method to make a 3D monolithic nanostructures. The method allows to fabricate 3D nanostructures in a procedure with only 3 steps. It has an unprecedented alignment accuracy of 5 nm for features located on different planes. As an example the fabrication process for 3D photonic diamond-like crystals will be shown. The resulting 3D photonic crystals reveal a broad stop gap in optical reflectivity measurements. In the talk will be discussed possibilities to make 3D photonic band gap cavities and arrays of cavities as well as 3D nanostructures with different types of Bravais lattices.