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Impression of the workshop content:

Workshop content

Day 1 (plenary, with all participants):

- Introducing business models, financing opportunities, IP

- Design your own business model

- Chain definition (partners, customers, …)

- IP theory

- Financing opportunities/ investor readiness      

- Pitch of all participants

Homework between Day 1 and Day 2:

- Identifying relevant technological developments and environment assessment in relation to the draft business model.

- Drafting improved  business model (2)

Day 2 and 3 (individual, case by case, plenary lunch including a topic):

- Innovating business models: the workshop participants will all discuss the developed  business models for each of the cases, and provide input which could lead to alternative approaches.

- Drafting a short-term action plan.

- Serious Lunches presentation & discussion, topics to be determined, but think of: market analysis, pitching, business plan, STW Take Off.

Homework between Day 3 and 4:

- Act upon short-term action plan

- Check ideas with stakeholders

- Check figures: market, costs, product cost price

- Prepare for pitch

Day 4 (plenary, with all participants):

Per case:

- Pitch for the (internal) group

- Improve business model and pitch taking into account comments from the other participants

- Pitch for a panel (to be determined, but think of an experienced entrepreneur, investor and technical expert)