15 Oct 2013: Spinoza te paard with Ad Lagendijk and Pepijn Pinkse

On 15 oktober Ad Lagendijk and Pepijn Pinkse are speaking in “Spinoza te Paard.”

Lagendijk will talk about “Seeing through opaque objects”. He and his colleagues from MESA+ developed a method with which you can look into and through opaque but nonabsorbing materials, like frosted glass or fogged spectacles. Light is easily lost in these materials as if trapped in a microscopic mirror maze. The researchers discovered that with modern optical means light can be controlled in ground glass and other opaque materials.

After the break Pinkse has the floor. He will talk about his research where the unpredictable but fixed way that light propagates in opaque materials can be used to make an ultimately secure “quantum credit card.”

Spinoza te Paard

At “Spinoza the Paard,” top scientists explore the frontiers of science. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) organises Spinoza te Paard together with Paard van Troje, a pop stage in The Hague. See for more information on this event (in Dutch) and tickets the website of the Paard van Troje.