28 July 2017: ANP scientist Dr Lyuba Amitonova wins Veni grant.

ANP scientist Dr Lyuba Amitonova wins Veni grant.

Optical microscopy is a basic tool for biological research, but light scattering restricts imaging deep inside living organisms. Amitonova will use advanced technology of light control in combination with unique fiber probes to create new optical methods for deep-tissue imaging with an unparalleled quality. The full list of this year’s Veni winners can be found on the NWO website.
After working with Pepijn Pinkse at COPS on multimode fibers, Amitonova is presently working with Ivo Vellekoop at the BMPI group. For her Veni project on Super quality pictures through a tiny endoscope she will join the group of Johannes de Boer at the Free University in Amsterdam, who is developing minimally invasive optical imaging and microscopy technologies.