ANP Retreat 2017 in Putten

This year’s ANP retreat took place on Tuesday 15th & Friday 16th June 2017 in Hotel Mooi Veluwe“, Putten. Apart from many contributions from speakers of ANP groups, including friends from Utrecht (LYNX), Exeter and from University of Münster, we had as external guests Christoph Lienau (Univ. Oldenburg) and Jeroen Koelemij (OPNT & VU). Special highlight was an after diner talk by UT MSc students Matthijs Velsink and Klaas-Jan Gorter entitled “Radio Kootwijk: from Indonesia to the galaxy”. Organisers were Youwen Fan (LPNO), Evangelos Marakis (COPS), Wooje Lee (OS) & Pepijn Pinkse (COPS)