The price winner of tHE FIRST Season of 2017 is the "Battery of flowers by Picasso". AN AFM image made by Ron Hendriks with a Bruker Icon. Part of this picture is used as the header for this page. The whole image is visible as the last picture in this album.

I wanted to see if silicon micropillars could be protected against KOH by silicon nitride and parylene
A delaminated multilayer Extreme UV mirror after exposure to a free electron laser at extreme intensity.
A silicon micro-pillar coated with silicon dioxide. On top a hydrogen catalyst of nickel-molybdenum, deposited by electro-deposition
The cold winter days outside of the MESA+ Nanolab infiltrated the LEEM Lab creating snowflakes of a two-dimensional material
Colorful PMMA cracks after oxygen plasma
Copper oxide micro leafs
Gradients of fluorescent labelled streptavidin on supported lipid bilayers in a microfluidic device.
Plumes in Rayleigh-Benard turbulence where the fluid the heated from below and cooled from top.
Rayleigh-Benard structure.
A SEM image at nanoscale of the Silicon wafer etched with deep reactive ion etching to form 3D nanostructures. The cross section is milled with the focused ion beam (FIB). The typical scalloping of the etch cycles of the Bosch process can be seen on the wa
TEOS hard mask
Microscopic particle
Battery of flowers by Picasso