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Photo contest

Picture of the season

Dear MESA+ members,

MESA+ organizes “Picture of the season” contest. You are all invited to send in your best artistic image of scientific work each quarter.

Your picture must be related to the MESA+ research (please do not send pictures with people). You are allowed to send in only one picture per quarter and the picture must be taken using tools at MESA+, or must be fabricated at MESA+.

The best one will be exhibited in the NanoLab building and the winner will receive his/her picture printed on alu dibond (aluminum frame) and exposed on the webpage.

Your images may also be used by MESA+ for other purposes. Please note that the copyright of your pictures will be for MESA+. 

Correspondence will be declared inadmissible.

Please use this form to send your entries (in printing quality, as high as possible) including a short description and title of the work and your full name before seasonal deadline:. 
Winter: April 1 - Spring: July 1 - Summer: October 1 - Autumn: January 1

Looking forward to your pictures,
With kind regards,
Janneke Hoedemaekers
Technical commercial director