1. We provide expertise in design and fabrication in order to assist researchers and companies to identify processing
    issues and develop micro- and nanotechnology applications in our state-of-the-art facility.
  2. Our experts will assist you in preparing a process document that includes a process flow.
  3. Our experts will introduce you to the NanoLab organization and its specialists.
  4. Our experts will check your process flow to provide the highest quality services and to include important cleanroom
    procedures in your process flow in order to prevent cross contamination of the equipment in the NanoLab

Technology advice staff

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Mesa Staff Information

Meint de Boer

Senior Process Technologist
Room NL 1.003
Tel. 6144
Occupation: Design & Process advisor
Interest: Plasma processing and Micro (nano) technology

Christiaan Bruinink
Coordinator Quality control cleanroom
Room NL 1.009
Tel. 6399
Process advice and support

Hans Mertens
Supervisor Sputtering and evaporation equipment
Room NL 1.011
Tel. 6775
Process advice and support

Roald Tiggelaar
Researcher Micro/Nanotechnology
Room NL 1.013
Tel. 3484
Process advice and support

Huib van Vossen
Supervisor Lithography
Room NL 1.013
Tel. 6769
Process advice and support