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The BioNanoLab

Research into biological and medical systems, such as cells, protein structures and membranes is carried out in the MESA+ BioNanoLab which has been in use since 2012. A wide range of microscopic and spectroscopic techniques can be used in the laboratory to carry out highly detailed measurements. Facilities are also available for conducting numerous fully automated tests. For instance, this equipment is used for research into potentially hazardous effects of all sorts of nano particles on humans and the environment. A biochemical and cell culture laboratory are also housed in the BioNanoLab. 

Whereas these facilities are frequently used by researchers of the University of Twente and other knowledge institutes, they are also expressly available for use by other parties such as hospitals and companies.

Nikon confocal A1/ superresolution N-STORM microscope with 4 excititaion lasers and TIRF mode Fluorescence 

The OPERA confocal imager is inverted microscope based and compatible with various commercial and user-defined sample formats. Confocal excitation and detection is possible over the full visible range.

For live cell imaging an environmental control unit is present (temperature, CO2 and humidity) and a dispensing option for fast kinetic measurements.

WiTec confocal Raman/AFM/NSOM system with 3 excitation lasers: 532nm, 633nm and 785nm 

Cytosurge FluidFM

The FluidFM system is a combination of an atomic force microscope (AFM); a hollow AFM-cantilever; pumping/liquid control interface; an optical microscope including a unit for fluorescence measurements; and dedicated operation software.

The microfluidic channel is integrated in an AFM probe by using hollow AFM-cantilever. Liquid flows through the cantilever, this being monitored via a pressure/suction controller. The system is used in combination with an optical microscope including a fluorescence unit and everything is operated by dedicated software that controls all hardware components.

Perkin Elmer stand-alone Liquid handling system:

JANUS liquid handler

Jasco J-1500 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer:

The Dual Polarizing Prism Monochromator is enhanced for performance into the Vacuum UV region with excellent stray-light rejection for accurate results. While the UV and Visible performance has been optimized the J-1500 can meet demands well into the NIR region (Wavelength range: 163 - 950 nm). The wide range of measurement modes available delivers a true chiroptical spectroscopy workbench.

Waters MALDI SYNAPT High Definition Mass Spectrometer:

This sytem is a hybrid, quadrupole/ion mobility/orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight (oaTOF) mass spectrometer. This system combines exact-mass, high resolution mass spectrometry with high efficiency ion mobility based measurements and separations (IMS)