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Upcoming Technical Colloquium

VSParticle nanoparticle generators
  • VSParticle manufactures desktop nanoparticle generators for research applications using spark ablation technology. Developed within the TU Delft in the Netherlands, we apply over 20 years of research experience to make nanoparticle generators that produce inorganic particles with a focus on the 0-20 nm size range.
  • Our generator enables a high degree of control over purity (no contamination of reaction materials), particle size(monodisperse), and particle composition. It is a cost effective and easy (plug and play) way of producing nanoparticles for research applications.
  • Aaike van Vugt and Vincent Laban will introduce the G1 nanoparticle generator. Instead of offering nanoparticles in stabilized liquid or powder, the generator enables the production of the desired inorganic particles on location. Afterwards there is room for discussion and questions.
Talk:    15:00-15:45 hrs. Carré: 2506
Demo: 15:45-16:30 hrs. NanoLab NL1.025
Discussions/drinks: 16:30-17:30 hrs. near NL1.029

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