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Upcoming Technical Colloquium

VSParticle nanoparticle generators
  • Imina Technologies is the maker of the miBot™, an extremely versatile and intuitive to use piezo-based sample manipulator. These innovative robotic solutions for positioning, handling and electrical sensing at micro and nano scales In combination with various third party instruments are used to position with precision probe tips on electronic devices , sensors, semiconductors , MEMS, etc or to handle and characterize electric properties of nanoparticles , nano wires & fibers in material science. These techniques can be used in combination with the SEM, Optical Microscope, X-Ray, AFM, Raman , etc or at an electrical probing workbench.
  • Imina Technologies’ Nanoprobing Turnkey Solutions have up to 8 nanoprobers based on a unique motion technology to position probe tips with precision and establish steady contacts with the device under test. Various configurations and solutions are offered to adapt with your specific equipment and test routines. The Nanoprobing module of Precisio™ software suite provides a step by step assistance to guide the operator from setting up measurement campaigns, to landing probes and acquire data, ensuring a smooth and intuitive workflow." to get to quantitative data easy and fast.
Talk:    14:00-15:30 hrs. NL 2.011
Discussions/drinks: 15:30-16:00 hrs. near NL 2.011

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