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SolMateS is a research company specialized in functional thin films and coatings. By offering our high-tech know-how, competencies and expertise, SolMateS anticipates and fulfils the needs of innovative industrial partners. We are carrying out.

Technical Consultancy

Applied R&D

oMaterial analysis

oProduct development

oPrototyping and low-volume production


Added value by coatings and thin films

A coating or thin film is often a crucial product component, adding new or improved properties to the product. A coating can for example add anti-bacterial, biocompatible, wear resistant or anti-reflective properties to existing products.

Innovation and co-development

Our team can boost product or process innovation that will keep you ahead. Our power is to innovate pro-actively and efficient. We aim for open and strong cooperations.

The innovation of today is the product of tomorrow.

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