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Ostendum is a group of companies that focuses on the commercialization of optical detection methods regarding the presence of micro-organisms, biomarkers, (bio-) molecules and (nano-) particles.

Ostendum develops and produces both the necessary hardware and software, including its own lab-on-a-chip line. Ostendum’s technology platform classifies as nanotech as well as biotech and Ostendum claims that its detection limit is at least 1,000 times more sensitive than currently available competing detection methods.

Ostendum is currently developing a fast and highly sensitive, portable biosensor for bacteria, viruses, yeasts, biomarkers and the like. Not only is Ostendum able to detect the micro-organisms, proteins or DNA molecules, but it will also instantaneously determine their concentration in the sample.



Nanotechnology & Biotechnology

Location in East Netherlands


Activities in East Netherlands


Number employed in East Netherlands

2 (April 2008, source Chamber of Commerce)

Country of origin

The Netherlands

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