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Nanomi develops membrane emulsification process technology and equipment for:

Monodisperse emulsions

Monodisperse double emulsions

Monodisperse microspheres

Monodisperse microtubbles

Heart of the technology of Nanomi is a proprietary emulsification membrane (microsieve), fabricated by technology from the semiconductor industry.

In Nanomi’s emulsification process one fluid is didpersed through a microsieve into a continuous flow of another fluid, generating droplets of predefined and uniform size.

Nanomi microsieves are chemically resistant to all solvents and can withstand very high process temperatures. Moreover, every pore in the Nanomi’s membranes is identical, generating perfectly monodisperse emulsions.

Product characteristics:

Optimized droplet/particle size;

High droplet/particle uniformity and reproducibility;

Double emulsions/encapsulation;

Scalable process.

Process compatible with:

Aseptic production;

Aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents;

Temperature and shear sensitive ingredients;

High Temperature processes.

For more information visit the website:

Figure 1: monodisperse PLGA microspheres

PLA microspheres