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MESA+ Spin offs

The mission of MESA+ International Ventures is to transform knowledge into economic good by exploiting and strengthening MESA+ technology platforms. Together with MESA+ research groups, MESA+ International Ventures is constantly scouting and screening newly developed technologies for market potential. In case a technology screens favourable, a next step in the commercialization process is embarked on. This involves researching markets for the specific technology in more detail, contacting potential customers, developing technology towards a demonstrator product and securing necessary Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). By so doing, a spin-out company is prepared for which MESA+ International Ventures will attract necessary finance.

In addition to finance from the University of Twente, MESA+ has obtained a subsidy from the province of Overijssel to get started with MESA+ International Ventures. MESA+ International Ventures acquired additional finance from a group of investors who bring in a relevant network, for instance for future spin-out finance.

MESA+ International Ventures is managed by Paul Nederkoorn.