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Micronit Microfluidics is a leading company in design, development and manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip devices of glass. Micronit focuses on rapid prototyping of glass-based microfluidic devices as well as on manufacturing in high volume. Micronit is capable of integrating different functionalities like electrodes, pumps and valves. Moreover, Micronit provides special developed tools to provide the connection from the chip to laboratory equipment. This makes working with lab-on-a-chip much easier!


Micronit understands the research needs of their customers, thanks to years of experience in translating different needs in several application areas into microfluidic solutions. Micronit offers superior chip production skills, based on many years of quality improvement, process development and supply chain management. Micronit is ISO 9001:2000 certified, which ensures the customers to receive the highest possible quality.

Within Micronit, new technologies and applications are developed, disclosed and put to use in rapid succession.

Decrease your time to publish
Micronit takes care of the prototyping stage of your microfluidic device.

Within 4 to 6 weeks, Micronit can supply specific microfluidic glass chips and connection tools, developed to the individual desires of the customer. The combination of their advanced equipment facilities and their microfluidics and micromachining know-how enables Micronit to offer rapid prototyping. This results in a decrease of the time a researcher would need to obtain scientific results (and to be able to publish them).


Regularly, Micronit has career opportunities or internship possibilities for higher educated people. Check, or send an open application to

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