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Medspray makes unique monodisperse aerosol nozzles.
The devices and nozzles are based on proprietary technology,
which provides real improvements in aerosol performance and
patient compliance: Inhalation therapy becomes more effective and
simple. Medspray was founded in 2001 and according to their
technology road map, the first devices are to be expected in 2007.

Medspray develops the device and the manufacturing technology for
the next generation monodisperse aerosol and spray devices. The
devices generate aerosols with pre-set (customized) particle size
distributions. Technology is centred on design and manufacturing of
small atomizers using lithography based, micro machined nozzle

The focus of Medspray is on simple but very efficient, local or systemic delivery
of drugs, targeted to specific sites in the human body. Medspray
combines knowledge of micro technology, inhalation physics and
fluid dynamics to offer solutions for long known challenges.
To turn these concepts into prototypes fast in multi disciplinary
project teams, covering concept design, prototyping & engineering,
assembly, manufacturing and IP creation.

For more information, visit the website of Medspray:

Product Medspray