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LipoCoat lens technology

Although contact lens wear has been improved with recent advancements lens material allowing high oxygen transport, wearers still experience discomfort. Discomfort in this context relates to dry eye conditions. In nature the cornea of the eye is protected by the tear film against dehydration. This protective layer is highly complex in nature and comprises of a mucine, water and lipid layer.  Nowadays there are a variety of contact lenses ranging from soft to hard and for short- and long-term wear. Upon wearing contact lenses, the tear film is disturbed and causes lipids and proteins to deposit on the contact lens surface. As a result, surface properties are inadvertently changed leading to altered surface wettability and increased water evaporation thereby resulting in dry eyes.

LipoCoat provides a natural coating of the contact lens surface, similar to what is found on the cornea provided by the tear film. The LipoCoat technology mimics and integrates with the natural lipid layer of the tear film and prevents fouling of the lens surface with lipids and proteins and helps to maintain hydration of the eye. LipoCoat will enable prolonged and comfortable wear of contact lenses. Apart from maintaining the tear film on the air side of the lens (prelens interface), a well hydrated and lubricated surface is found between the lens and the cornea (postlens interface). LipoCoat technology can be applied on both rigid and soft gas permeable contact lenses (RGP and GP) comprised of e.g. hydrogels or silicon hydrogels (SiHy).

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