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iX-factory GmbH – Customised Solutions

iX-factory GmbH is an innovative technical service provider in the area of micro and nano technology. The company’s service portfolio consists of the elements: MEMS Foundry Service, Design/Project Work, Prototyping and Batch Production. iX-factory GmbH delivers singular technical services as well as complex long-term projects to its customers. Customers from diverse markets benefit from first-class technical service support, based on glass or silicon – or both combined. The entire team provides highly flexible and efficient processes without making compromises on quality. Individual and customised solutions are the highest goal of iX-factory GmbH.

MEMS Foundry Service

The MEMS Foundry Service is fundamental for all iX-factory GmbH services. Customers are based in widely diverse fields of businesses, but have one specific need: MST/MEMS-based products. Often companies have a lack of access to critical technologies or technical expertise. In this context single step MEMS foundry service as well as the processing of complex structures and components are offered. Processes can be performed on 100, 150 as well as 200 mm silicon, SOI, DSOI, borosilicate, fused silica and other substrates. iX-factory GmbH works with carefully selected wafer manufacturers who deliver single/double side polished, doping levels, roughness, bow/warp, etc.

Design and Project Work

The design phase aims to collect information about the planned product, the market, regulations and life cycle. Preliminary specifications have to be formulated to ensure that the idea is feasible. Afterwards focus will be put on a first design and the process. Further, in this phase computer aided test simulations will be carried out in order to verify whether the design is successful or not.


iX-factory GmbH offers rapid prototyping services. The theoretical design will be converted into a physical prototype. Prototypes will be tested in order to see if these meet all expectations and contingently compile additional specifications leading to a further re-designed prototype. After feedback procedures and re-design processes, integrating customer ideas, the final prototype can be delivered.

Batch Production

With state-of-the-art technologies in the cleanroom facility, iX-factory GmbH is able to produce MST structures in small and high volumes. After the prototyping phase has been successful iX-factory GmbH is capable of starting production immediately. iX-factory GmbH implemented the Manufacturing Execution System named the ‘Living Database’ (developed by PhoeniX Software) which enables iX-factory GmbH to close the loop from design to fabrication. The software ensures traceability of every single chip down to the smallest process step. Further, the software allows higher yielding and remarkably high quality throughout all processes.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

Offering optimised and standardised processes to customers and guaranteeing consistent and constant improvements of several business areas are the main goals of quality management certifications. ISO 9001 certification focuses on various business areas within an organisation such as project quality, transparency of processes and targeted training of team members. Further, this certification especially emphasises on the aspect of customer satisfaction, which perfectly aligns with iX-factory’s corporate philosophy.

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