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Twente Solid State Technology BV was founded in 1998 as a spin-off company from the University of Twente. The company has two main specialisations: design and production of superconducting thin film products, and design, advice and production of advanced thin film deposition equipment, especially for Pulsed Laser Deposition. The company has a strong co-operation with the Low Temperature Division at the University of Twente and can make use of the laboratories of this research group.

With respect to the thin film products, Twente Solid State Technology BV can offer products ranging from high-quality superconducting thin films to more complicated structures, like SQUIDs or superconducting electronic devices. One of the key products presently is the surface treatment of substrates like SrTiO3, NdGaO3, and LaAlO3, to obtain an optimal interface for growth of thin films.

In the field of thin film deposition equipment, Twente Solid State Technology BV is specialised in advanced systems for Pulsed Laser Deposition. These systems can be used for layer-by-layer growth of oxides, for initial growth studies, and can have implementation of interval deposition for optimal 2-D growth. Twente Solid State Technology BV offers complete systems designed according to the customer’s specifications or for a specific application.

Apart from complete systems, a set of standardised components is available that can be ordered separately to be implemented in an existing system. These components will be custom made to fit the desired configuration and application. Along with any of the products Twente Solid State Technology BV will offer advice on the design requirements of the system and on the implementation and use of the various components. Presently the product range includes:

ØComplete custom designed PLD systems, specifically for advanced applications

ØHigh-pressure RHEED-systems: RHEED at pressures up to 0.6 mbar (0.5 Torr)

ØHeater systems for up to 2” wafers, and compatible with high-pressure RHEED

ØTarget systems, both for spinning and for scanning the targets during ablation.

For more information, contact Twente Solid State Technology, via e-mail at INFO@TSST.NL, via our website:, or at the address given at the bottom of this sheet.