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Delta Mask

Delta Mask was founded in 1984 and has a wide experience in mask making. The company started with producing photo-emulsion masks, but nowadays only 4x4 and 5x5 inch chromium masks are produced.

Delta Mask cooperates closely with WIEWEB a company that develops software for designing Sensor and IC- layouts. This company, WIEWEB, has a demo version available which can be downloaded.

Data formats which can be handled for mask making are the CIF, GDSII and DXF.

Delta Mask uses chrome blanks, fabricated by Hoya, for mask making. Glass quality of the plates is Soda Lime, to keep the price of a mask as low as possible. Thickness of the chrome layer is 980 Å.

Delta Mask uses the Heidelberg DWL 200 Laser Beam Pattern Generator for mask production.

Heidelberg DWL 200 Laser Beam Pattern Generator for mask production

This instrument works on a pixel basis, which makes it possible to produce chrome masks from all kinds of shapes which may occur in a layout.


Smallest linewidth

: 1.5 micron (with 4mm write lens).

Address grid

: 0.2 micron.


: HeCd laser, wavelength 442 nm.


: Class 1000 or better, 22 degr. C.