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BloodBlue4Green! Analysis @ the point of animal care! 

Blue4Green is a young and innovative company that works towards better and faster methods of diagnosing animals. Using Blue4Green’s technique, professionals who work with animals can analyse how the animal is doing directly in the stable, for example. The big advantage of this is that immediate measures can be taken if there is something wrong with the animal.

Blue4Green converts innovative Lab-on-a-chip technology into products with a lot of added value for professionals who work with animals. In accordance with Blue4Green’s philosophy, the products are handy and can be used anywhere. Preferably where it is necessary and easy, i.e. at the Point-of-Care.Blue4Green was developed by the University of Twente and the company Medimate. Blue4Green’s products will be available very soon and can be delivered worldwide, thanks to a unique and efficient distribution system.

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