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PhoeniX develops software for Micro System Technology to provide the bridge between the design team and the real cleanroom environment. PhoeniX software facilitates communication from design to production and back. Re-usability, validation, and quality improvement of information, from research to volume production, are the key factors for efficient MST product development. PhoeniX software integrates the production and design process to further reduce the design/production cycle. PhoeniX develops software modules that span from numerical solutions to database systems for cleanroom management. The products include various applications for the MST field, offering customers considerable reduction in the operational cost. PhoeniX introduces unique software tools that facilitate First Time Right design (FTR) for various application areas, including Integrated Optics, Micro Mechanics and Nano technologies.


PhoeniX offers wide range of products that is extended continuously. A flyer contains an overview of the current product portfolio and is updated regularly. The products Phoenix develops are:

Mask layout software;

Simulation software;

Analysis software;

Manufacturing software;

Management software.


PhoeniX is a small company with an enthusiastic and very motivated team. If you think you will fit in, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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