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CapiliX is a company founded in 2004 and housed at the Dutch MESA+ Institute for Micro and Nanotech based enterprises. It is a spin-off company of LioniX BV, a MEMS-foundry and design service provider.

CapiliX offers solutions for the microfluidic needs of research in the sectors of biotech, pharmaceutics and water quality.

CapiliX provides glass substrate based microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems and components.

CapiliX offers both standard products, based on cost-effective high volume manufacturing practices, as well as the development and manufacturing of customer specific design products and dedicated development of software for this purpose (OEM).

CapiliX focuses on producing modular system solutions based on our proprietary lab-on-glass-chip technology and has extra special competencies in the field of microchip capillary electrophoresis (MCE).

The CapiliX Capella MCE platform provides benefits to today's laboratory users with a faster, cheaper and user-friendly solution for lab-on-glass-chip CE that occupies only 1/3 the footprint of current manual systems. Capella can even be used for in-field analysis applications.