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MyLife Technologies makes microneedle-arrays which could become the number one interface to the human body. As a replacement for syringes for administering medication or the sampling of fluids but also as electrode for measuring electrical signals in the body.

Microneedle-arrays allow safe and easy application by the patient. Due to the length of the microneedles the application is nearly painless and offers enhanced comfort to the patient compared to syringes or lancets. Also long term application is possible for monitoring or slow drug release.

MyLife Technologies aims to develop Intelligent Skin Patches in which a carrier (plaster) is combined with the microneedle-array. Key point in these patches is the microneedle-array that pierces the skin and enables transfer of relevant substances into or out of the body. This patch can be used for sampling or delivery tasks. In the future further integration with analysis and controled release methods could be realized.

MyLife Techonolgies has the knowledge to produce several types of needles. Needle type and configuration will differ for each application. Partnerships are established to assess potential applications. MyLife Technologies aims to provide a platform technology for third party applications (e.g. pharmaceutical companies with a new drug) using the patch as the interface to the body.

MyLife Technologies is a spin-off company from the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology. The company’s knowhow originates from the BIOS Lab-on-a-Chip group, University of Twente, where microneedle-assited transdermal transport was studied in corporation with the Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Leiden University.

MyLife Technologies thanks the Technology Foundation STW, applied science division of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), and the technology program

of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for their trust and support via the Valorization Grant Phase 1 and 2.

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