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Business & Innovation

Opportunities for collaboration

MESA+ is one of the world’s largest nanotechnology research institutes, generating an annual turnover of € 50 million. A total of 525 researchers work together on cutting-edge research at the highest level. This involves researchers working closely together with industry in the field of semiconductors, first-class equipment, life sciences, food technology, sensor technology and energy production. A total of 40% of NanoLab’s laboratory space and equipment is used by industrial partners.


MESA+ has been known as an outstanding institute for many years now thanks to its entrepreneurial culture. It encourages entrepreneurship among its employees and gives them support in starting up a business. Because of this, the institute is the birthplace of as many as 50 high-tech spin-off companies that market developed technologies. These companies provide 1,000 jobs in the region. MESA+ is part of Kennispark Twente, an environment where innovation is the first matter of importance.

High Tech Factory

MESA+ High Tech Factory provides accommodation to companies in the nano- and microtechnology sector where they can develop prototypes and work on (serial) production. Among other things it houses first-class cleanrooms with testing and production facilities. An application can be made through the High Tech Fund for any necessary equipment which can then be leased by the resident companies. All the above offers (startup) companies the opportunity to test and produce products without the need to make enormous investments themselves.