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25 September 2014

Poster Award winners at MESA+ Annual Meeting 2014

On Monday September 22nd, the annual meeting of MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology was held in Cinestar Enschede. This symposium gives an overview of activities within MESA+, among which their collaboration in various fundamental and applied research projects and programs. Over the past year, MESA+ published over 450 scientific publications, 60 PhDs graduated, and over 15.000 MESA+ articles have been cited. The annual meeting also hosts the David Reinhoudt Poster Award.

The first prize of 1000euro was awarded to Cecilia Laborde (NanoIonics group) for her poster ‘Real-time imaging of microparticles and living cells with CMOS nanocapacitor arrays’. With her poster, Cecilia provided an excellent overview of her research, a complex collaboration with several industrial and academic partners. She gave an enthusiastic and insightful presentation.

Second prize was for Shrikrishnan Sankaran (Molecular NanoFabrication groups) for his poster ‘Supramolecular Bacterial Systems’ and third prize was awarded to Qing Pan  (Optical Sciences group) for the poster . ‘Ultrafast Optical Sciences:real-time detection of light-induced processes in materials for energy’. Both presented their research and goals in a coherent way with a personal flavour.

The poster jury consisted of Janneke Hoedemaekers (technical-commercial Director of MESA+),  Chris Lee (assistant  professor of the XUV Optics group), and David Fernandez Rivas (Tenure Track Assistant Professor of the MCS group). The poster jury used the following criteria: presentation, scientific excellence, and research challenge and impact. It was emphasized that when the poster concerns applied research, clear application goals should be presented. When the executed research was more fundamental by nature, these fundamental goals and challenges should be addressed. The jury encouraged bringing examples or videos from the lab to the session to visually support the poster and presentation.

MESA+ congratulates the three award winners.