MESA+ University of Twente
Ameland 2013

Venue and transport

d’Amelander Kaap

Address: Oosterhiemweg 1, 9161 CZ Hollum, Ameland


How to get there

By train, you can go to Leeuwarden (see Pay attention please when coming from the south, in Zwolle part of the train goes to Groningen, so please check if you are in the right wagon.

From Leeuwarden you can take bus 66 to Holwerd.  Departure times can be found on

In Holwerd you will find the departure terminal of the ferry to Ameland. For departure times, see

If you come by car you can park your car at the terminal. If you want to bring your car to Ameland you will have to make a reservation for the ferry (see the above mentioned weblink).

Upon arrival on Ameland, bus 130 will take you to Hollum. The bus stops in front of the hotel.