Within the Mechanical Engineering programme the master students choose a profile and a specialisation.

The specialisation programmes (theory courses, internship and graduation project) are organised by the scientific research groups. To get an impression of the research and development programmes of the groups, the URLs of the websites are given below.

1. Applied Mechanics

Prof.dr.ir. J. Huetink (TM); Solid Mechanics & Forming Technology

Prof.dr.ir. A. de Boer (TM); Structural Dynamics & Acoustics

http://www.tm.ctw.utwente.nl/onderzoek/ DiekA/index.html

Netherlands Institute for Metal Research (opent in een nieuw venster) (NIMR)

http://www.tm.ctw.utwente.nl/onderzoek/ Dynamica/index.html

2. Biomechanical Engineering

Prof.dr.ir. H.F.J.M. Koopman (BW); Prof.dr. F.C.T. van der Helm;

Prof.dr.ir. G.J. Verkerke; Prof.dr.ir. N.J.J. Verdonschot

Biomedical Engineering;

Biomedical Product Design & Biomechatronics



3. Design Engineering (Design, Production & Management)

Prof.dr.ir. F.J.A.M. van Houten (OT); Prof.dr.ir. A.O. Eger (PD)
Design Engineering, Virtual reality, Product Design


4. Elastomer Technology Engineering

Prof.dr.ir. J.W. Noordermeer (ETE)

Rubber Technology


5. Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Prof.dr.ir. H.W.M. Hoeijmakers (TS); Prof.dr.ir. A. Hirschberg (TS);

prof.dr. S. Luding; Multi-scale mechnanics

Engineering Fluid Dynamics


6. Industrial Design & Manufacturing

UT/WB/OPM with Universität Dortmund (Germany), University of Aalborg (Denmark) and University of Strathclyde (Glasgow/UK) Dr.ir. T.H.J. Vaneker

Fixed programmes, with substantial international component;


7. Mechanical Automation and Mechatronics

Prof.dr.ir. J.B. Jonker (WA); Prof.ir. H.M.J.R. Soemers (WA);

Prof.dr.ir. A.J. Huis in 't Veld

Dynamics & Control Engineering; Laser technology, Mechatronics


For the master programme in Mechatronics, see


8. Production Management (Design, Production & Management)

Prof.dr.ir. F.J.A.M. van Houten; ir R.J. Mantel (PM)

Production Management



9. Production Technology (Design, Production & Management)

Prof.dr.ir. R. Akkerman (PT) (see also 5)

Production Technology, including Composites & Material Science


10. Surface Technology and Tribology

(Design, Production & Management)

Prof.dr.ir. D.J. Schipper (OTR)

Surface Technology and Tribology



11. Thermal Engineering

Prof.dr.ir. T.H. van der Meer (ThW)

Thermal Engineering


(see also http://set.graduate.utwente.nl/ )

Related master in:

12. Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)

Mechanical Engineering together with Chemical Engineering, other

faculties of UT and the other Technological Universities in

The Netherlands combine their expertises in this master programme.

There are strong links with the energy sector and industries.

See: http://set.graduate.utwente.nl/

The information session about SET is scheduled on 26 March 2008,
12.30-13.30h in room OH 115.