Internal communication (IC) plays an essential role in how the UT functions as an organization and in the realization of ambitions such as the ‘influx of students’ and it increases the UT's visibility and its profile’. It does this by, among other things, ensuring that internal communication increases the commitment of its staff. This involves three areas to which attention should be given: players/staff, the communication structure and topics that are current within UT at the moment and which determine the content of communication. The focus of internal communication is on the following topics:

· communicating the strategy to be pursued

· involvement, brand attachment and brand-strengthening activities

· guiding and helping with change and innovation

· stimulating collaboration and the exchange of knowledge

In 2013 and coming years the IC department will be engaged in a strategy that involves an important, active role for the staff themselves (the ‘players’). The role of M&C will be, in cooperation with HR, to provide them with maximum support and facilitation.