The Department of Corporate Communication is responsible for the development and execution of the entire communication policy of the University of Twente. It also translates the institutional strategy into a systematic deployment of communication to various targets: internal communication to employees and students, external communication to alumni and other relations of the university. The department is responsible for the brand awareness, i.e. monitoring the image and corporate branding of our university, namely ‘high tech, human touch’. Other tasks include advising the Executive Board, institutes, directorates and service departments on communication strategy, policy and other communication issues.

The department develops corporate campaigns and communication formats, such as the corporate brochure, the annual report, the magazine and newsmail. Furthermore it organizes corporate events such as open days, congresses and official visits. The Traffic team is responsible for the realization of media, design and printed matter, audiovisuals and the development of corporate gifts. For the time being, the Department of Corporate Communication is also responsible for the academic ceremonies such as the ‘Opening academic year’, ‘Dies celebration’, ‘Innovation lecture’ and inaugural speeches.

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