WebHare newsletter August 2015

Dear WebHare user,

We send you this email to inform you about changes and maintenance of UT-websites because you have an account to maintain one ore more websites in the UT website system WebHare.  (If you do not need your WebHare account anymore, please let us know.)

Transition from http to https (23 September)

Nowadays, it’s common to start the website URL with https, for a more secure and better reachable website. For the average WebHare user there is nothing to worry about, but all advanced users who have added html/iframes to their websites should be aware that this embedded content also needs to be https content, because browsers block ‘mixed content’ by default. For questions please contact onlinemedia-mc@utwente.nl, tel 5665.

WebHare Changes in the coming year

  1. New website design: The prospective student sites (project part 1) and the central UT site (propect part 2) have recently been renewed within the UT website project. In the next step, also the underlying websites of departments, projects, etc are included (project part 3). This project will start in September . We already have received user feedback and will start the design as soon as possible. Building, testing and adjustments will take until the end of the year. We expect to start transferring the first websites to the new template in the early spring of 2016, party automatically. By the end of 2016, all websites should be transferred. You may do this yourself with some basic instructions to be one of the first in new design, but we will assist everybody that needs help with this. We will let you know when the changes are coming up, don’t worry about it right now. If you need to update the structure of your website you may do so now. Information on this project can be found regularly in the staff newsletter with a reference to the project website www.utwente.nl/website. There is also a blog article from June 2015 available on the progress of this project (in Dutch).
  2. From Word to WebHare Editor: With the changes from the old to the new designs, the way we work in WebHare will also change. Word documents will not be used anymore in the new template, and will be replaced by an editor to change you pages 100% online.  This should cause less confusion about what function from Word may or may not be working on websites and besides that, website will be easier to use on smartphones and tablets. You may already test the new editor in the old sites if you want to, by clicking Add file --> Rich Text Document. Save the file and click to edit.

New WebHare version (for everyone)

We also expect an update of the WebHare application by the end of the year. This applies to everybody who logs on using webhare.utwente.nl. The (old blue) environment has had a major update to the new version to improve usability. This will also solve the problems with the preview screen that is not working in some browsers. We will inform you when this maintenance period is coming up.


To work efficiently with WebHare, prevent errors and optimize your website for search engines , we would like to share some tips:

  • Basic Rules: Have a look at our basic rules document. This should help you prevent a lot of errors and problems. More manuals are available on the website of the Marketing & Communications department.
  • Prevent SPAM through web forms: If you use web forms (the webpack module in WebHare), please always use an anti spam field to prevent spam robots filling in those forms automatically. To add this field, add the question of the type ‘spam prevention field’ to your web form. We would also like to ask you to remove all webpack forms that are not used anymore.
  • Bilingual Websites: Search results in search engines like Google.com are usually presented in the language matching the search words of the user. Therefore, English websites are not showing up in most searches in the Netherlands. In this (Dutch) blog entry, we explain how you make your English website visible in search engines in the Netherlands. For departments, this often means that one simple additional page in Dutch in the right place can increase the traffic instantly.
  • Courses: M&C regularly offers free courses for both WebHare as well as for general themes such as search engine optimalization or good copy writing for the web. Courses are mainly in Dutch, but if you need some help with these topics, just let us know!

If you have any questions, please let us know!

The Online Media Service Desk
Marketing & Communications
onlinemedia@utwente.nl, phone 5665 (also by Lync chat)