Newsletter September 2012

Dear WebHare user,

The last newsletter was sent out over a year ago so it’s high time for an update. Many things have changed since Marketing & Communication was restructured, for example the Online Media department was set up. You will find names, photos and contact details in our very own version of facebook (intranet). Since restructuring, the general contact details have also changed: We can be contacted via (formerly webredactie@...). For (extensive) news items on the home page, just contact the press relations department,

This time our topics are:

Editing Word files online (without downloading) In publisher you can select in preferences the setting which enables you to edit Word files online. You will then not have to first download them only to upload them again later. To do so, open publisher, go to preferences, and select the second option (see picture 2). Please note: this is a feature by Microsoft and only works in Internet Explorer!

Sample website for research groups

Every WebHare user is entitled to consult the website ‘Sample website for study groups’ in WebHare. It gives an example/advice on how to set up a research group website. You can copy files from this site to your own website. NB: the site also contains Word documents offering an explanation of the settings.

WebHare course

Four times a year the Online Media department of Marketing and Communications offers WebHare courses. The next course will commence on 2 October. You can join us for either a beginner’s course or a standard course (also useful for those who are advanced users). For details of topics, course presentations (.ppt) and an sign up form, go to (in Dutch): NB: The course is given in Dutch, but some individual help for English speaking participants is possible during the course.

You can now manage banners/social media in the right hand column yourself (standard WebHare layout only)

In the past, banners in the right hand column had to be edited by the Online Media department. You can now manage the ones on your site yourself. Furthermore, some more functions have been added, such as showing Twitter messages. For details and a banner template, go to: – English (right upper corner) - black right hand banner.

Social media

We have compiled a list of social media tips. Furthermore, we have included the options we have added to WebHare for using social media. See media (available in English soon). Is your department organizing a big event? You will for example find guidelines for setting up a Tweet Screen (Twitter Wall).


You can receive statistics (Google Analytics) in WebHare for your personal site. Google no longer offers previously sent monthly reports in their old format. Using your Google/Gmail account you can become eligible to log into Google Analytics yourself. Requests/further details:

Setting up an intranet

You can lock a folder on your website from people outside the campus/UT network by giving the folder the name intranet or intra. To find out more about intranet functions using passwords etc. go to

Application forms

In WebHare you can easily put (application) forms (Surveys/polls) on your website using the Webpack Module. Users and managers will automatically receive confirmation e-mails, and the details of applicants for a forum or a course for example, are collated online. They can be downloaded in an Excel/CSV file. For further details, go to

Newsletter add-on (for institutes/knowledge centres etc.)

We are able to offer the newsletter add-on Pronuntio in WebHare to institutes and other units who communicate with their target group professionally. This is used to send e-mails to alumni, employees and students on a regular basis. For further details, go to

For the advanced: advanced functions

Some users have added some handy functions to their website in WebHare programming language or Javascript. As an advanced user you could adopt these. You will find examples in the folder general_files in the publisher. Every WebHare user is entitled to use this folder.

We hope this e-mail has offered you some useful tips for working with WebHare. Please do not hesitate to contact us via if you have any questions. Further information on Marketing & Communication services can be found at

The Online Media department – M&C