Newsletter November 2010 (EN)

Dear Webhare-user,

You are receiving this newsletter, because you have a user account for the UT-website system WebHare,. Through this newsletter we want to tell you about some changes in the system, as well as giving you some tips. If you don’t manage a website and only use your account to log in onto an intranet webpage you can ignore this newsletter.
Earlier we only used for all support of the UT-website system Webhare. Nowadays we use more than one system, therefore we decided to use a new URL: (webgids is Dutch for web guide). We continue using for webhare users next to this new web guide. On the new web guide page you will find the answer to a wide range of questions as well as user manuals: Request statistics of your website, request a (new) website, as well as user manuals for our website systems, manuals how to write for the web or general UT-broad rules, regulations and documents. The new web guide is still under construction; new content is translated regularly from the Dutch web guide site.

Social network buttons
Recently we added the option to add social network buttons to your pages. See for an example the Webhare manuals page (UT network only): You can activate these buttons using the properties of your site, or the properties of any folder/file.

In addition to the regular menu on the left of your website, you can now also show a submenu. This new submenu option has recently been added to Webhare. You can activate this function by selecting your website and click on Properties. You’ll find this setting at the @campus tab in the left lower corner.

Full support for docx in Webhare
We regularly receive question about the use of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010: can you upload docx files to Webhare? – Yes, you can. Use docx files without any problems if you log in onto Webhare through This also applies to the other file types of Office 2007/2010 (pptx, xlsx, etc.). If you encounter a bug, please inform us at

Better overview of address files
Most departments use Webpack forms in Webhare to let a person register for a conference or other events. Such a Webpack form automatically saves all the registrations online in an Excel file. When downloading this file, the data sometimes is not neatly shown in columns. You can solve this by adjusting the regional settings of your PC to Dutch. See also the grey frame at our support website: -> English --> poll, form, forum.

Adding Video (adding html code)
Earlier you could only embed videos in a page when you used HTML files instead of word document. It is now also possible to copy-paste the HTML code of a video (e.g. a YouTube video) into your Word document and format the text into a specific formatting style. You can find a manual at --> pictures/video.

Improved print versions
The print versions of web pages are improved. More text fits on one page and the banners on the right side of a webpage are not printed anymore.

Webhare courses / manuals
Courses explaining how to use Webhare are regularly given. When you log in at you will see the ‘system news’, in which the dates of all courses are announced. Courses will be given in Dutch usually. Please let us know if you need more information in English. All manuals and ppt-presentations used during the courses are available in English. see --> English--> manuals.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or remarks!

The Webteam

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