Sending newsletters

The UT uses Pronuntion for sending professional newsletters. Pronuntio (check is a module within the Content Management System Webhare, which the UT uses for the administration of their websites.

Pronuntio is being used for multiple things including:


Sending newsletters to potential students


Sending newsletters to students/employers


Faculty newsletters


Singular mailactions


Some institutes

Benefits of pronuntio

Once the layout is build, the user can upload a word-document with content, and send it immediately or plan the sending for a later time. Receivers can be uploaded (by an excel/csv file), but it’s also possible to create an (un)subscribe Webhare page. It’s also possible to view statistics, with respect to the amount of opened emails, clicked links, etc. Benefits compared to sending through Outlook include a larger amount of recipients and a more professional layout. You can also send personalized emails (for example: “Dear John, in November you have shown interest in our study Psychology…”) for more details and features, please visit

Send mailings yourself

Institutes, faculties, etc. can use, in agreement with the Online Media department, Pronuntio. You can use it within the existing WebHare environment of the UT. The Online Media department will always discusses with the applicant if the applicant is eligible for an account, because of strict jurisdictions and laws concerning sending newsletters. The Online Media department can take care of a singular mailing. For more information:

Anne Heining
053-489 1095
anne.heining (a)

You can find a manual in the menu under ‘Manuals/Instructions’.


Overview Pronuntio:

Personalized mailing, incl. statistics (unique clicks/clicks):