Brochures & flyers

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Brochures and leaflets

Bachelor Brochure Germany

Bachelor Brochure International

ATLAS Brochure

Master/TGS brochures

Master Brochure

Twente Graduate School Leaflet

General brochures

General brochure (bachelor & master)



Fair materials

Target group:

Prospective Bachelor’s and Master’s students


To orientate, inform about and enthuse for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes

The University of Twente participates in multiple fairs worldwide. During some fairs, the UT is represented by her agents or country-based representatives. During those fairs the UT uses different sorts of materials to inform students and breathe the


The marketing department has the following materials at its disposal:


Banners (roll-up banners and cloth banners)


Table runners


General Master’s brochure


General Master’s flyer (per country)


English-taught Bachelor’s programmes brochure


Twente Graduate School leaflets


Gadgets (post-its and bicycle lamps)


Diverse photo and video materials

Other materials:


Exchange package brochure


Connect brochure (information about staying in the Netherlands after graduation)


Twente Summer School leaflet

If you would like to use some or more of these materials for fair purposes, please contact Ms. Myrna Hofman (