Data Librarian

Dr. ir. Maarten van Bentum

Room: Carré 2.114

Tel: +31-53-489 4474

Working hours

Monday till Thursday 8:30 – 17:00

Maarten van Bentum


Research Data management (RDM)

Open Access


You can contact me for questions about RDM, such as:

Managing your research data in general

Writing a data management plan (or data policy for a research groups)

How and where to store your research data during the project

How to describe and document research data

How you can share and publish research data

Archiving research data after the project

You can also contact me for questions about open science:

Open access for (scientific) publications

UTpublications and student theses repository

Open data


Research Data Management cursus course for PhD students


Master in Tropical Land and Water Use (Agricultural University Wageningen)

PhD on irrigation technology development in South-East Spain (Agricultural University Wageningen)

Information specialist Civil Engineering (University of Twente)

Data librarian (University of Twente)