Current phishing

Never give your data accounts via e-mail or by telephone!

If by accident you have responded to any such e‑mail, please change your password immediately and then contact the Servicedesk ICT, extension 5577 !

By telephone

If anyone calls, with this request, please note the telephone number (if possible) and report this attempt to the LISA Service Desk, telephone 5577, or directly to

Please note: suppliers will never call you to ask for this information. Also taking over the workstation will never happen on request of the supplier or Servicedesk but only when on your request.

Experience of an employee:
I just have been called on my private number by two men with an English Indian accent who more or less alternated the conversation. They said to be of the Windows Service Center and that my PC lately has shown many dangerous and was about to crash. They wanted to help me to do something about that. It did not seem ok, but I wanted to know how it went.
I was asked to run cmd and then assoc. Then a whole list of information came on the screen containing an ID, the CLSID and they knew exactly to mention information, which could be indicated as reliable. Prosecutorial I had to run eventvwr but it seemed wise to me to break the contact. Unfortunately this telephone phissing appears to occur more frequently:

immediately disconnect the connection!

By e-mail

Phishing attempts of your data accounts and password can be seen as an abuse attempt. The University of Twente will NEVER ask you to send account information (login and password) by e‑mail, website or telephone. These kind of e‑mails or phone calls are always an abuse attempt.

If you have received a phish, please send this e-mail (including headers) to Send only phishing e-mails who ask for data accounts. There is no use to send us other phishing e-mails. These e-mails can be reported to the concerning organization. See the list below.

Some websites with more information dutch only: