Caution ZIGGO phishing emaiL

The last couple of days and weeks employees and students receive e-mail that claim to be from the Dutch ISP Ziggo. This is not a legitimate e-mail.

The e-mail claims to be an invoice for a much higher amount than usual.

This is done to persuade the user to click on the link and visit the site. This is not the true Ziggo site.

When somebody visits the site they are offered the invoice in zip format. The zip does not contain an invoice but instead it contains ransomware. The ransomware once downloaded and opened will decrypt all your files on your local drives and connected shares. Those files will only be accessible again after paying a ransom. Files on shares can be restored by LISA but the most recent changes by you or your colleagues, on shared netwerk drives, will be lost.

If you fell victim to this ransomware, or any other for that matter, switch off your computer and contact the ICT Service desk.

See for more information.