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On this page you can find all the information regarding save working with your device (notebook/pc/tablet/smartphone) at the UT. Also the information about the security policy’s at the UT, security actuality and advice can be found here. Do you have any questions please contact the Service Desk ICT.

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Phishing Email Ziggo

Phishing Ziggo E-mail

The last couple of days and weeks employees and students receive e-mail that claim to be from the Dutch ISP Ziggo. This is not a legitimate e-mail.

The e-mail claims to be an invoice for a much higher amount than usual.
This is done to persuade the user to click on the link and visit the site. This is not the true Ziggo site. ... read more


Cyber crisis exercise OZON 4 and 5 October 2016

The University of Twente takes part in the cyber crisis exercise OZON organised by SURFnet. One of the main aims of the exercise is to tackle a cyber crisis within their own organization and also together with other universities and educational organizations. Participants of the exercise will be the security team, management of LISA and CES and the vice-president of the university. ... read more

Alert Online

Cyber security is a shared responsibility. From 3-14 October – over 170 partners join forces in the campaign Alert Online with a mutual goal: to emphasize awareness of cyber security skills and thus make the Netherlands digitally safer.
Alert Online campagne 3 until 14 October 2016. ... read more

Phishing Quiz

Ever wonder how good you are at telling the difference between a legitimate website and one that's a phishing attempt? Take this quiz to find out. ... read more

Abuse Report

This report is an overview of computer security incidents handled by CERT-UT and LISA Security Management concerning the first period 2016. It contains statistics concerning reported and observed incidents, responsible disclosure and the measures that were taken manually or automatically ... read more

Vulnerability Android

UPDATE 2015-08-10:
Several suppliers will deliver some updates this week.
There is an app which will check if the contamination is resolved.

A vulnerability is discovered in one of the core utilities in Android.
This utility converts movies to be shown on your device. This all happens automatically in a large number of messaging apps like MMS, Google Hangouts etc. ... read more

Microsoft Outlook app blocked

The new Microsoft Outlook app for both iOS and Android contains a security breach regarding the University of Twente Exchange mail servers. Using the app, username, password, mail and calendar information will be stored on an external (third party) server. This is in violation with the University of Twente policy. ... read more

Improved blockade SURFmailfilter

As you may know, the University of Twente uses the anti-spam and anti-virus scanning that SURFnet provides under the heading SURFmailfilter for several years now.
Since last week SURFnet improved the blockade of so called ransomware by blocking certain frequently used files. Since the activation of this blockade more than 60,000 messages have been blocked. ... read more