Coffee and notebooks: A dangerous combination!

The new academic year has started yet again, the mobile work stations are being put through good use by students with Notebooks, and of course refreshments such as coffee, chocolate milk or another type of beverage are part of the deal. In most instances these beverages are wanted within reach but it turns out in practice that it isn't necessarily a good idea to have your coffee close to your notebook.

The Notebook Service Centre was established in 2002 when the Industrial Design (IO) course began to make use of electronic study appliances of which Notebooks were a part. Meanwhile they offer soft- and hardware support to students of different courses at the University of Twente, comprising about 3000 Notebooks.

In September 2007, the NSC has dealt with a number of cases whereby it was said that "a small quantity" (and this cannot be confirmed) of a wet substance had either been accidentally pushed over or fallen on the Notebook. These type of incidents can have annoying consequences for both the Notebook and the electronic system in the Notebook.

Expressions such as "Nothing is so certain as the unexpected" or "it can happen to anyone" do not take away the misery, but measures can be taken to prevent these kind of incidents. One of the best tips is the following:

"Never, EVER put beverages or other wet substances near a computer or Notebook".

An Acer Aspire 5670 on which coffee had been spilled had the following damage: 460 Euros worth! The motherboard, keyboard and part of the case had to be replaced at the owner's expense, and the Notebook was in repair for 8 weeks.

Therefore we would like to stress it can be worth your while to insure your Notebook in any case when you order one via our Notebook project or somewhere else. The high-end model comes with a 3 year insurance, but we'd still like to urge you that beverages and electronics don't mix!

These pictures show a new Latitude D830 Notebook on which chocolate milk was spilled, and these images don't hide the evidence- in this instance the whole screen, including the case, had to be replaced.

These type of incidents are not covered under free service, guarantee, warranted, so BE WARNED !