Windows 10 for UT workstations

Since last week, a new version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, has been released by Microsoft.

This version will be tested by LISA in the coming months. Also, our software suppliers need to update their products for this version. It is to be expected that this will take several months.

Therefore, Windows 10 will probably be installed on UT workstations no sooner than the first quarter of 2016.

LISA advices for the time being not to install Windows 10, because of possible bugs that can affect the UT workstation.

LISA will for the time being not support this version.

If there are any employees who want to use Windows 10 for test purposes, they can make a request through the ICT contactperson of their own faculty or service, after which LISA workstation support will install the Windows 10 update on the appropriate workstation.

When there is more information about the impact, LISA will publish an update.