New off-campus button for access to library content


When you are searching for scientific literature from a location on the UT campus, you are recognized as a UT member: You automatically see what you can access through the UT. When you are searching from an off-campus location, it is important that you always access the databases, for example Scopus, through the digital library. You will then be redirected through the proxy server, and be recognized as a UT member. You simply log in with your UT account.

Have you already found the content that you were looking for? Then you can now also use the UT off-campus access button to access the full text:

Off campus access

When you use the UT off-campus access button, you don’t need to visit the Library website first. Of course, you can still only access texts to which the UT has a subscription. You can save the button in your browser, so you can access library content with one click when you are off campus.