Update 13.15

The disturbance has been resolved, all connections are restored.

Update 12.30

The Oracle disturbance has not been resolved yet. Therefore, many systems like Oracle HR and Finance, OSIRIS, Join and the webapps are not working or with disturbances. The systems are not stable at this moment.

No data has been lost, only the access to the systems.

We are working on a solution, together with our suppliers.

More info will follow at 13.30 hrs.

Update 11.00:

The UT Oracle database environment is configured so that archive and log files are written to an off-site server environment. This server environment has a failure which stops the Oracle services. The off-site server environment will be with high priority investigated by i.a. HP. A possible cause was voltage problems on this site, but that cannot be confirmed yet.

In addition to a repair of the off-site server environment is also working on a workaround whereby the off-site server environment will be temporarily taken over by servers at the UT. It is still unclear at what time it will be operational. More information will follow around 12:00 pm.

There is no data loss!

Possibly, some applications are available only during the above process stability but cannot be guaranteed until a message about this has been sent.


Since this morning there is a malfunction in the Oracle database environment. Because of this various applications (including Osiris, Join and Web apps) will not work properly.

At this moment we are working on the situation with all the power to restore it as soon as possible.

During this morning we will send an update.