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New: HeinOnline database

LISA has initiated a trial on HeinOnline database ... read more


New database: REACH

All students and staff of the University of Twente now have access to the REACH database ... read more

UT workstation information tool

New tool makes it quick and easy to request and/or check informatio about the UT Workstation. ... read more


New off-campus button for access to library content

When you are searching from an off-campus location, it is important that you always access the databases, for example Scopus, through the digital library. ... read more

UPDATE: Problem Apple update iOS 10

Addendum after receiving several questions about the latest Apple iOS and OSX updates. ... read more


Contact the University Library by using WhatsApp!

Do you have a short question? ... read more

digital library

New digital library UT

The digital library offers all the scientific literature that you have or can get access to as a UT member. As of August 15, 2016, the digital library is new in three ways. ... read more

BEWARE phishing e-mail at Universiteit Twente

At this moment the University of Twente is being attacked by an very good copy of the e-mail with the subject “Wachtwoord ICT-account verloopt over 3 dag(en) //Password ICT account expires in 3 day(s). This e-mail seems to contain a link to, however, the link refers to a phishing site.
A legitimate e-mail will always refer to the self-service portal of the University.
Do not click the link and remove this e-mail immediately. ... read more

UT authors can now publish open access at no additional cost

Due to new big deals with publishers Elsevier, Springer and Wiley, University of Twente authors can now publish Open Access (OA) at no additional cost. ... read more


What is your opinion on research data management (RDM)?

How do you deal with RDM requirements of research funders and the University of Twente? To what extent is RDM part of your daily activities as a researcher? Do you need any technical facilities? Are you getting enough support? ... read more

Notebook project offer 2016-2017 announced!

Wednesday the 15th of June , a demonstration has been given to academic directors and representatives of study and student associations about our findings. They subsequently have chosen the standard notebook for the coming study year. This year’s Notebook Project choice is now announced.! ... read more

Forgot your password?

It can happen and is annoying, especially if the Service Desk ICT is closed or if you are abroad. Since the beginning of this year there is a self-service application available for all students and employees of the UT to reset their (forgotten) password. ... read more

Windows 10 for UT workstations

Since last week, a new version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, has been released by Microsoft.
This version will be tested by LISA in the coming months. Also, our software suppliers need to update their products for this version. It is to be expected that this will take several months. ... read more