Wireless network (eduroam) Windows 10


To use the UT wireless network (eduroam) follow the steps described in this manual.


The manual is written for Windows 10; for Windows 7 and Windows 8, a separate manual is available.

When working through the manual, you will frequently have to perform operations. A specific style of writing is used for these instructions: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, data that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.

Make sure that you have local administrator rights. If you do not have these, contact your system administrator.

Make sure that your wireless network card is switched on.

Manuals for Windows 10 assume you’re working in the desktop environment.


Step 1: Open network connections

Click the wireless network icon on the taskbar.

Step 2: Connect to eduroam

Click eduroam.

Check Connect automatically.

Click Connect.

Step 3: User credentials

In the first field, enter your student- or employee number followed by @utwente.nl (e.g. s0123456@utwente.nl).

In the second field, enter the password that corresponds with your ICT-account.

Click OK.

Step 4: Confirm server identity

When the message on the following displays below shows:

Click Show certificate details (for control and safety)

Click Connect.

You are now connected to eduroam. From now on, your computer will automatically connect tot this wireless network.